If you are a farmer, someone who works with livestock, or even just an animal hobbyist , you know that your stock is more than just your livelihood or lifestyle – and so is a good stock crate. At BRS Welding, we know that secure, safe, and quality stock crates are a requirement for you to get the job done safely, and done right.

As with all of our custom work, BRS Welding also has a huge range of experience in designing, welding and constructing stock crates. We also offer options that can simplify the choosing process, while still being fully customizable.

As with all of our products, our bodyworks are designed and manufactured from durable, high strength steel, ensuring you that your stock trays and crates are built to last and can handle the toughest working conditions – and the biggest and strongest of stock.

At BRS Welding, we pride ourselves on creating tough, hard wearing stock crates that are easy to operate, and ensure both employee and animal wellbeing. Safety and functionality are of the utmost importance to us – trust the experienced team at BRS Welding with your stock crate requirements.

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