If you work in engineering, mining, the trades, or in another area or industry that uses heavy-duty machinery, BRS Welding can help. 

BRS’s mobile welding services and expertise also includes helping to keep businesses running efficiently – and we understand that well-functioning machinery is of the utmost importance to every business owner who relies on it. It’s important for safety and efficiency, but also about getting the job done.

As with our smaller mobile welding jobs, our team can come to you to assist with general welding maintenance and shut downs, but we can also cater to high-priority breakdowns and repairs.  Our team can also assist by providing expert skill hire for shorter-term and project-based work within your industry.

Part of the BRS team regularly travels around the state to assist businesses and industries across a range of areas.  With our scheduled maintenance work, we always aim to always deliver well within agreed and expected timeframes. Our team is also willing to works out of normal business hours and partake in shift work for maintenance jobs, in order to provide minimal disruption to your business at hand.

Our expertise in this area gives us a competitive edge in this highly specialized field of welding and fabrication work – and keeps your business ticking along. 

Contact the team at BRS Welding to see how we can assist you – business to business.

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